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About Jane

Hey there , I'm Jane.

I help women figure out how to live a joyful life everyday by giving them the tools that they need to rise above their circumstances.

I work from home with my retired husband, 1 crazy cat and the cutest doggie that ever walked this earth.

I grew up in the bra burning, woman's rights, 'you don't tell me what to do' era. I got caught up in the 'gimme gimme's' of life and everything seemed to revolve around what I had, did not have, and thought I desperately needed.

I never saved any money. I've made bad investments. I've made bad choices. I have let people down. People have disappointed me. I've been hurt, cried, and tried to move on.

At one point, about 15 years ago, I found out there was another way to live. A different way to live. A joyful way to live. Living a joyful life has completely rocked my world. The 180º transformation was totally noticeable.

And, as a result, I want to help you live a joyful life too. There isn't a magic pill. Or a single formula. BUT there is a process. A process that will take you from where you are where you want to be. A person who is positive, rises above all the pettiness, embraces life at it's fullest and chooses joy every single time.

Looking for a more official *bio*? Here you go:

I am a blogger. I have been blogging for almost 3 years. I have over 300 published posts.

I am a paper crafter and I have a YouTube channel with over 100 'how to make' videos. I totally believe that crafting is a stress reliever. Less stress = more joy. A win win.

My prayers for fear post is #4 in Google. I receive prayers from my readers all the time.

I see potential blog posts around me where ever I life is a never ending pool of information.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I drink MUD\WTR in the morning. It is a coffee alternative that I just love. Less caffeine than coffee which is perfect for a caffeine lover like me.
  • I drove to California when I was 21. I wanted to move as far away from home as I could without falling in the water. I packed my 2 studded snow tires, my quadraphonic stereo (look it up) and all the clothes I could fit. It took me 7 days and it was worth it!
  • I ran through a plate glass door when I was 22 (yes, I was in California) and cut my face to smithereens. I know what it feels like to be started at and pointed at. Until I had plastic surgery I definitely looked like Frankenstein's wife.
  • On a positive note...I have 4 kids and 4 grandkids. My newest grand daughter has captured my heart in a fierce way.
  • I live on a lake. In the summer time our guests almost pass each other on the way in and the way out. Just the way I like it.
  • I am super organized (otherwise those guests would make me crazy). I love a plan. I love sticking to a plan. I have lists upon lists upon lists. Digital and paper. I love them all.

Crave more? Go on and read : About Me

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About Jane

Hey there , I'm Jane.

I help women figure out how to live their best and joyful life by showing them the steps and processes that are needed to put a joyful and positive lifestyle in place.

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